North South Divine

Exhibition display at Platform A Gallery and WW Gallery, London. 

Alison Wilding, Kate Davis, Annie O’Donnell, Phil Illingworth, Deb Covell, Tony Charles, Boa Swindler, Chiara Williams

3rd April - 11th May 2013 (WW)
17th May - 20th June 2013 (Platform)

WW and Platform A are pleased to present North South Divine, an exhibition of works by eight artists across two cities situated at the North and South of the country. The exhibition, organised in partnership between the two galleries, will open in London at WW Gallery and tour to Middlesbrough’s Platform A Gallery.

North South Divine makes obvious reference to the age old traditional geographical and social tensions between both ends of the country. This opposition is brought into focus by the locations of the two collaborating venues: WW gallery is situated in Hatton Garden, the diamond district of London, home of the purveyors of expensive decorative finery. In contrast, Platform A exists within a North Eastern railway station deep in the heartland of heavy industry.

The artists exhibiting in North South Divine have paid no heed to this dichotomy in the making of their work, yet all the artworks in this show possess a fusion of stereotypical bi-polar characteristics that suggest the gracefully gritty, the silently strong and the richly real. These are works which complement or overlap in their processes, materials, concepts and reference points. Strength meets sensitivity, serious creative practice meets humour. Ultimately, the show expresses the very simple beauty of shared belief, the unity of ideas and the pleasure of real conversation.

About WW. Established in 2008, WW is one of London’s leading contemporary artist-run spaces with a reputation for consistently forward-thinking and innovative projects. Spread across 1200 square feet of sky-lit rooms, the exhibition space, shop and lounge occupy the premises of a former jeweller's workshop in the heart of Hatton Garden, Clerkenwell, conveniently located between Farringdon and Chancery Lane tube stations



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