Ten Years 


Lorraine Brown, Alex Charrington, Tony Charles, Nicola Ellis, Jo Hamill, Alexis Harding, Annie O’Donnell, Will Hughes, Emma Bennett, Jo McGonigal, Mike Collier, Nick Kennedy, Phil Illingworth, Rachael Clewlow, Sally Taylor, Phil Gatenby, Francesca Simon, Roberto Picciau, Lothar Goetz, DJ Simpson, William Tillyer.

25 November - 4 January 2022

A decade of exhibitions at Platform A Gallery has brought many interesting and exciting projects throughout some very difficult times, such as the fallout from the 2008 economic crash and, of course, the recent pandemic. However, committed artists and a robust creative thinking team have been the key to our sustainability, we thank you. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Arts Council England and our Local authority for their loyal support, without which, the journey would have been ever more challenging.

This exhibition presents a selection of artists that have exhibited at Platform A since being officially opened in 2011 by Godfrey Worsdale, who kindly comments:

I am delighted to see Platform A reaching this first decade milestone. As founding Director of Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, it was always a measure of early success that a new gallery in the town would encourage artists and others to self-organise, work with and respond to mima and its programme. When I made my very first visit to Platform A, aside from finding it to be a terrific space to show art, it struck me as the most wonderfully sensible idea, and I left thinking that every railway station should have one. The team has undoubtedly worked very hard to sustain Platform A through an unusually challenging first ten years, but what is clear is that the gallery has won and retained the support of artists, and I am very hopeful that this critical commitment will translate into growing and widening support for the next decade and beyond.

Godfrey Worsdale OBE
Henry Moore Foundation



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